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Jon Russell is the founder & national director of the American City County Exchange (ACCE) based in Arlington, VA. ACCE is a membership organization of local elected officials and private sector members. ACCE members develop model public policy, which sides with taxpayers and promotes transparency and accountability in government. Under Jon’s leadership, the organization has developed model policies to streamline government services, eliminate wasteful spending and reduce taxes & regulation.

Russell graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security. He is a graduate of the Political Leaders Program at Sorenson Institute at University of Virginia.

Jon proudly served in the Virginia State Guard (VDF) D Company 23d Light Infantry Battalion Black Horse Brigade.

From 2006 to 2012, he served as City Councilman in Washougal, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. He was twice elected Mayor Pro Tem by his colleagues and served as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee. In 2014, Jon was elected to the Town Council in Culpeper, Virginia, where he served as Public Safety Committee Chairman. His highest priority in public service is to advance policies that bring transparency to government and promote conservative budgets.

In addition to his public service, Jon is a member of Virginia Farm Bureau,  Virginia Coalition for Open Government and serves as Vice Chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee. Member of the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots, Virginia Citizens Defense League and Advisory Council for Culpeper Salvation Army. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Reclimation Project and Hope for Appalachia of Virginia.

Jon & his wife Sarah have been married for 14 years; together they  have four children. As a family, they are involved in the Culpeper pregnancy center and attend of Awakening Community Church in Fredericksburg.

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