A Resolution calling on the [Insert Jurisdiction] to adopt Plain Language RFP’s

A Resolution calling on the [Insert Jurisdiction] to adopt Plain Language RFP’s

A Resolution calling on the [Insert Jurisdiction] to adopt Plain Language RFP’s

WHEREAS, procurement is the mechanism in which government obtains bids for goods and services through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process; and

WHEREAS, RFP’s are generally written in legal language which is difficult for the average person to understand; and

WHEREAS, Plain Language aids in transparency, public participation, and collaboration by enabling the public to fully understand the law and procedures; and

WHEREAS, newspapers typically write at an 8th grade level to increase readability and understanding of complex issues; and

WHEREAS, Plain Language documents may increase participation in the RFP process by allowing entrepreneurs who may not have legal assistance to participate in the procurement process: and

WHEREAS, more participation in the procurement process often results in lower costs to taxpayers.


“Plain Language” means writing that is clear, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices appropriate to the subject or field and intended audience. Best practices include:

  • being clear and concise, including only important and directly relevant information
  • using simple language, written for an 8th grade audience
  • defining the purpose of the document and the application or submission process
  • understanding and writing for the audience, taking into consideration their needs and presumed knowledge about the topic
  • using the active voice
  • keeping sentences and paragraphs short
  • organizing material in a logical order
  • designing the document with headings, space, and bulleted lists, and other features to make information easy to find
  • making any submission process clear, intuitive, and as easy as possible, with the option to submit documents through online forms

“Department” means any [Insert Jurisdiction] department, office, administrative unit, commission, board, advisory committee, or division, including [Insert Governing Body].

“Employee” refers to any person hired on a full or part-time basis to work for the [Insert Jurisdiction].

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the [Insert Jurisdiction] as follows:

  1. Every [Insert Jurisdiction] department seeking a Request for Proposal must produce a Plain Language RFP to accompany any legal RFP.
  2. All [Insert Jurisdiction] employees shall follow plain language principles when writing creating RFP’s.