Regulatory Reform

We Expressed Our Concerns and President Trump Listened

Local Governments Need Responsive and Efficient Partners

15284914_1060548254053987_5264553551508936985_nIn December, the American City County Exchange sent a letter to then President Elect Trump outlining a number of regulatory reforms that were hurting local government infrastructure projects. Many of these projects are considered high priority projects which are collaborations between federal, state and local governments. ACCE Leadership Wrote:

“Under current policies, stimulus initiatives the Trump administration hopes to implement would be difficult to see to fruition, even over a two-term cycle.  Bureaucratic entanglement is making many projects average a decade or more, not to mention doubling and tripling the cost of projects.”

One of the biggest impediments to saving money and speeding up projects has been the EPA review time table. This issue was specifically addressed in the letter:

“EPA: The federal overreach of the EPA has reached a dangerous point of invasive intervention. Forced over-study of projects drag out development plans and the cost of projects. Further frustration revolves around internally created EPA regional office “task forces,” and redundant public hearings that draw out discussions over a period of years which often paralyze the ability of local communities to effectively grow.”

According to PBSSpeeding up environmental reviews for all priority infrastructure. President Trump ordered that agencies and the chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality work together to set up faster deadlines and environmental approval for “high priority” infrastructure projects. It gives significant power and responsibility to the White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman, who will decide within 30 days if a proposed project is “high priority.” (The president has not yet nominated a new CEQ chairman.)

We want to thank President Trump for starting the process of making the federal government more responsive and responsible. Read the letter in it’s entirety.

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