Texas Legislature and Localities Work Together for Constituents

Texas legislature is moving on some innovative legislation to help local officials protect the liberties and pocketbooks of their constituents. In large cities and college towns, government control has been growing at an alarming rate as local planners, lobbyists and professional bureaucrats seek to over tax and over regulate constituents and small businesses. Thankfully legislators and some local officials are working together to bring sanity back to local government.

Here are some bills worth noting:

ETJ Authority  H.B. 3417 (Toth).  This bill would help protect private property rights from overzealous city planners who have routinely influenced local government to abuse their ETJ authority.

Constituents over Government Lobbyists S.B. 29 (Hall) This bill would make it illegal for local governments to pay lobbyists to influence legislators or pay dues or compensation to an organization that influences legislation.

Development Shot Clocks.  H.B. 3167(Oliverson) This bill would place a “shot clock” on government bureaucrats to approve development plans, or else they’re deemed granted.

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