“Right to work” would bring jobs to Sussex County: Delaware Voices

Despite being portrayed as anti-union, the Right-to-Work movement has been shown to attract large companies seeking to relocate or expand their plants or headquarters. This fact is noted by Sussex County Councilman Rob Arlett in his Delaware Online article where he explains the need for Delaware to implement Right-to-Work laws. He maintains that by forcing workers in the state to become dues-paying union members, large companies are more likely to pass them over when looking for places to establish facilities. Unfortunately this means that Delaware is missing out on opportunities for significant employment growth.

He uses Kentucky as an example of a successful Right-to-Work state, where $6 billion has been reached in planned capital investment to add an additional 9,500 jobs. Illinois, on the other hand, was taken out of consideration for a Mazda and Toyota assembly plant that would have offered around 4,000 new employment opportunities. Finally, he explains that,

“Right-to-work laws are not an overnight solution to spur economic growth. But like Illinois experienced this month, and Delaware has witnessed many times, right-to-work is always on the check list when a company is considering a relocation or expansion.”

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