One City Takes a Stand Against Wasteful Spending

No to wasteful spending.

6263542143_28e02e831e_bIn an era where most local governments don’t give a second thought to giving away taxpayer money for events, stadiums and festivals, one city gave a resounding “NO” to fully funding a local festival. Edgerton Wisconsin City Council was asked to give away $100,000 taxpayer money, assets and services for a Harry Potter Festival.

Councilman Matt McIntyre said, “It was a lot of requests. It’s hard to digest all that,” McIntyre said. “I’ve been here 25 years and haven’t seen anything like that.”

EDGERTON—The Edgerton City Council denied most of a 27-item request from Harry Potter Festival organizers, a move that might force the event to move its magic elsewhere. Read More

In Depth: Budgets

Restoring accountability to government spending is another way to mend local budgets over the long run. Every local government should have a budget transparency website, allowing citizens to more easily find out how their tax dollars are spent. More fundamentally, local government should budget for outcomes. This means identifying the …

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