May Day for Business

With emergency stay at home orders and business closure orders for Covid19 in every state, local law makers find themselves balancing a tight rope between public safety and liberty. The virus is a very real threat to a certain demographics, but they are also mindful of the financial ramifications on the free market & government finance.

Luckily, the virus predictions stated early on by the CDC have been much lower than expected. There is a call going up around the nation for employers and employees to get back to work. Some states have started this process while others are dragging their feet. President Trump has called on all Governors to start the reopening process no later than May 1st.

These are truly distressful times for businesses and families. However, they don’t have to be for many communities with local elected leaders willing to make the call for people to get back to work with precautions. The American City County Exchange has declared the Month of May, May Day for Business.

This tool kit will help local officials roll out a Mayday call in their community by providing step by step the process to start the conversation and provide best practices for businesses to re-open to the public. This document will also Provide resources from states leading the national call for re-opening their economies. To get the May Day for Business Blueprint Click Here.