Localities Police Raid Airbnb Owners and Pour Bleach on Homeless Food

It is no secret local governments have way too much authority to regulate. Just this week alone New York City and Kansas City have engaged in some of the most despicable assaults on personal liberty in the name of local control.

New York City

On Oct. 12, a team of 20 law enforcement officers descended on the Atelier, a 46-story Midtown building full of luxury condos. The authorities issued 27 notices of violations to 20 apartment owners who are accused of illegally renting out their properties in accordance with city regulations. (Read)

Kansas City

The Kansas City Health Department has now begun implementing “Soup Nazi” tactics in real life, after admittedly raiding several feed-the-homeless events last week — not only throwing away food, but pouring bleach on the discarded goods intended for the needy. (Read) 

These trends in violent regulatory enforcement should not be tolerated by citizens. These are attacks on individual liberties not seen since prohibition.