Goochland County Recognized as Most Taxpayer-Friendly in Nation


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Goochland County Recognized as Most Taxpayer-Friendly in Nation

ARLINGTON, VA–The American City County Exchange (ACCE) has awarded the Taxpayer Friendly Community Award of 2017 to Goochland County, Virginia for outstanding performance on taxes, spending and transparency.

“There are some great local governments in this country doing some pretty amazing things,” said Ken Peterson, Vice-Chairman of the Goochland County Board of Supervisors. “So it is a special honor to have ACCE present its 2017 Taxpayer Friendly Community Award to Goochland County.”

Goochland County has boasted a plethora of taxpayer-friendly policies over the last several years, including going without a transportation tax, meal tax and tax on low-value property. In addition, the county has the lowest reliance on state subsidies for schools as a percentage of cost, and has saved millions of taxpayer dollars by refinancing debt.

ACCE also recognized Goochland County for its numerous transparency initiatives including:  streaming all board meetings online, an online record of all government credit card purchases, and publically viewable check registers for county and public school accounts. The County Board of Education and Board of Supervisors also hold six Town Hall meetings jointly per year to ensure the public has a voice in making policy.

“Goochland County is a national leader in taxpayer friendly policies,” said Jon Russell, National Director of ACCE and Culpeper Town Councilman. “Other counties need to look at their model of governance and replicate their success.”

The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s only non-partisan forum for elected local officials who believe taxpayers should come first in every decision. In an effort to better serve constituents, ACCE members learn from experts and each other about issues, processes and problem-solving strategies that matter to people in their communities.