Local Tax Reform

Eliminating Personal Property Taxes

When local government taxes personal property [for example: new/used cars, trailers, equipment, trucks, etc.] individuals or businesses never truly “own” outright the personal property they purchased. That is because the local government demands annual tax payment for the pleasure of enjoying such property. Taxes, like the personal property tax, are collected by the local government under the threat of tax liens, fees, confiscation or possibly jail if the owner does not comply.

Personal property taxes are antithetical to freedom and ownership. While each locality, in differing states, vary as to the type of personal property taxes they collect, few local officials want to tackle the issue, because local officials by-and-large are more interested growing government as a way of showing accomplishment, rather than siding with taxpayers and limiting the scope of government intrusion into residents’ daily lives.

Fortunately, there are some local officials like Councilman Jason Arp of Fort Wayne, Indiana who care more about the economic growth of taxpayers than the growth of government. Jason is attempting to upend his local personal property tax to give small business owners more opportunity to succeed and create jobs.

Read more about Councilman Arp’s tax plan here:


In Depth: Local Tax Reform

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