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ACCE Reports: CA Local Governments Begin All Out Rebellion on Governor

Last year, the state assembly passed a bill preempting local law-enforcement officials from informing federal authorities when an illegal alien who has committed a crime is being released from custody. While preemption of local governments is the right of the state, this preemption forces localities to violate federal law. Here’s what is being reported:

  • Orange County Board of Supervisors, I voted to join a federal lawsuit against Senate Bill 54, the sanctuary law Gov. Jerry Brown signed last year. Orange County
  • Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey and Council Member Erik Peterson put the item on the agenda, with Posey saying that California’s sanctuary laws “all represent a threat to public safety” and the city needed to “seek relief” from the “constitutional overreach.” Huntington Beach
  • On Tuesday night, the council voted to have the city file a “friend of the court” brief on the state’s behalf in the federal lawsuit. In stark contrast to other cities’ meetings on the topic, just four residents spoke in the largely empty and quiet council chambers, and three of them supported the council’s action. Santa Ana
  • At last count, nearly a dozen local governments in California have voted to oppose what is known as the state’s “sanctuary law” — Senate Bill 54 — escalating tensions over the long-divisive issue of illegal immigration in the Golden State. Los Alamitos

A broader coalition of cities and counties across California are expected to join the fight in the coming weeks. ACCE will report back with developments as they happen.




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