Criminal Justice

ACCE Calls on CA Local Governments to Uphold the Rule of Law.

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Cities and counties in California are facing an unprecedented abuse of authority by their state government.

Senate Bill 54 signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, prohibits state and local law-enforcement officials from informing federal authorities when an illegal alien who has committed a crime is being released from custody. Instead of protecting citizens, the state has prioritized the welfare of criminal aliens. They are provided privileges that American citizens don’t receive—all while endangering innocent people.

It is the prerogative of states to preempt their local governments when they are violating the liberties of their citizens. However, in California, the state has enacted a preemption in clear violation of federal law that threatens the public safety of citizens.

“California State Government is mandating lawlessness among its 58 counties and 482 municipalities. Lives and tax-payer money are on the line. California localities must resist and uphold the rule of law,” said Jon Russell, Director of the American City County Exchange.

ACCE encourages its elected city and county members across California to ban together in opposition to the heavy handed tactics of Sacramento. Whether by lawsuit and/or resolution, we encourage you to make a stand now.

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