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6th Circuit Shuts the Door on Local Right to Work Opponents

A new frontier in right to work has been upheld by court.

On Monday, the 6th Circuit denied the Motion for Rehearing and Motion for En Banc Hearing and today denied the motion to vacate based on Kentucky’s recently passed Right to Work Law. This means Local Right to Work in Non-Right to Work states is here to stay.

The United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has said with finality that local subdivisions are creatures of the state and are not pre-empted by the federal government from passing their own right to work protections.

The states never gave up the power to pass right to work protections, and therefore Congress never had the power to pre-empt the State’s delegation of its own power to the local authorities.

“We were confident the court would side with the 10th Amendment to Constitution. This opens a lot of doors for local governments in non-right to work states”,said Jon Russell, National Director for the American City County Exchange.

Here is the ruling: Sixth Circuit Order Denying MN to Vacate