A Pledge by Local Officials to Put Constituents’ Liberties First



The current debate over state preemption versus local control is not a paradigm which benefits our constituents. As local officials, we embrace the opportunity to work with our partners in the state house to secure more freedom for our constituents. Whether that comes from state or local leadership is of no consequence to us. The most important thing is that our constituent’s liberties are protected and equal justice under the law is secured. It is in that vein we present 7 Statements of Principle on the debate over state preemption v. local control.

7 Statements of Principle

  • We believe state government is where political philosophy is debated and enacted law. Local government is the application of those laws.
  • We believe the top priorities of state legislators and local officials are to protect individual liberties and uphold equal justice under the law for our individual constituents.
  • We believe state preemption of local governments is a prudent response to some rogue localities who overstep their Constitutional duties instead of protecting the liberties of their constituents.
  • We believe local control has become more about controlling constituents instead of protecting the freedoms of constituents.
  • We support efforts on the state or local level to end punitive taxation on our constituents as taxpayers.
  • We support efforts on the state or local level to end heavy-handed regulations on our constituents as consumers.
  • We support efforts on the state or local level to secure a true free market economy for our local business owners.

Our local communities benefit from enhanced freedom, regardless if such freedom emanates through state or local government action. We call on our state legislators and colleagues in local government to protect the liberties of their constituents first and foremost.