Key Points
  • Tax and Expenditure Limitations, like Jefferson County Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, have been shown to stabilize budgets over time.

Restoring accountability to government spending is another way to mend local budgets over the long run. Every local government should have a budget transparency website, allowing citizens to more easily find out how their tax dollars are spent. More fundamentally, local government should budget for outcomes. This means identifying the core functions of local government and measuring results.

Model Policies

  • Public Employee Bargaining Transparency Ordinance Final

    In accordance with state law [Insert State Code], [Insert Jurisdiction] has been given the power to provide transparency in public-sector collective bargaining.   Section 1. {Short Title} This Ordinance shall be known as the Public Employee Bargaining Transparency Ordinance.   Section 2. {Legislative Declarations} The [Insert Jurisdiction] finds and declares …



The highest responsibility of every local government is the annual budget. Finance committee members value fiscal responsibility and real accountability …