Everett Butts Out, Agrees to Allow Bikinis on Baristas while Case is in Court

On September 5, the city of Everett decided to pass measures banning what they deemed to be inappropriate attire for baristas at certain drive-thru coffee huts. The ordinance effectively banned wearing swimsuits, lingerie, and any other revealing articles of clothing while working at these stands. In response, a local coffee hut owner and several baristas have filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that these new measures infringe on their right to freedom of self-expression and right to privacy.

“These ordinances violated these women’s rights to equal protection under the law since they only apply to women and they interfere strongly with a woman’s right to free expression,” he said.

“Of course these women take these jobs to earn a living, but they also take them because they allow them to express themselves. There are some with tattoos that take the job in part so they can tell stories that they couldn’t tell if they worked someplace like Starbucks.”

The city has agreed not to enforce the ban until the court responds to their desire for a preliminary injunction.