About ACCE

The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s only non-partisan forum for elected local officials who believe taxpayers should come first in every decision. In an effort to better serve constituents, ACCE members learn from experts and each other about issues, processes and problem-solving strategies that matter to people in their communities. Provided with important policy education, local lawmakers become more informed and better equipped to serve the needs of their communities.

ACCE Mission Statement

The Mission of American City County Exchange is to engage local elected officials and leaders from business and industry for the advancement of limited government and free market principles.

ACCE Value Statement

The American City County Exchange brings together local elected officials and the private sector in a non-partisan forum to develop model policy and other measures that promote low taxes, taxpayer transparency, minimal debt and regulations.

ACCE Vision Statement

To become the go-to organization as the recognized defender of individual liberty and a voice of reason for common-sense solutions.

ACCE Affiliation

ACCE is division of the American Legislative Exchange Council.